Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Azzyzt JEE Tools 1.3.2 are available

Fixed a bug where under certain conditions string IDs would break storeMulti(). The cause was, that the check for the possibility of proxy ID translation of an ID field was done on the field’s owning entity instead of the field’s target entity. It broke as soon as an entity with numeric ID had an association to an entity with a string ID. String IDs inside of embedded IDs (like VisitId) were no problem, because embedded IDs are special-cased anyway. This closes issue #29.


  1. I was unable to find jars on github. Do you have any available or would I have to build the projects?

  2. Use the "Eclipse update site (generic)". You can also install via the marketplace. Note though, that I failed to support Juno so far.